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We are an online digital publishing company that aims to provide real-time investment information for traders of all experience and skill levels. In a 5-trillion-dollar-a-day Foreign Exchange industry, having the most current updates and trusted news commentary is crucial to entering the markets at the most auspicious times.

Our news reports, products and services provide actionable strategies, technical data about global stocks, key earnings announcements, mergers and acquisitions and equities research. To keep you up to speed daily, we always have our finger on the pulse of the most relevant developments around the world. As a trusted online resource, all information we provide is filtered through an objective eye with reportage that is relevant to our readership. We are driven by providing innovative tools to streamline every investor’s trading experience. Our subscriptions services, mobile app, daily newsletter, live charts and educational articles are all offered free of cost no matter your geographic location.

The high quality content presented on our online portal is backed by fresh perspectives consisting of economic reflections, equities market insights and unique views on emerging markets and their effects on the international financial industry. We want you to succeed as an investor, so we strive to supply exceptional tools to help in making informed decisions and discovering new trading opportunities. Our clients take center stage and our success directly ties in with how well we meet our users’ needs. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and offers every client the opportunity to succeed in the Forex market.

Our staff consists of technical strategists, financial analysts, investment advisors, financial writers and correspondents with numerous years of experience in trading and Forex (FX) markets. Through our news coverage on the web, we’d like to consistently share our expertise and best practice of the FX market.